Downtown Cleveland Alliance Update With CEO Michael Deemer - 11-3-21

Michael Deemer, President & CEO from The Downtown Cleveland Alliance spoke to Bill about Yesterday, for the first time in 16 years Cleveland elected a new Mayor and last week DCA published the October recovery report

  • Congratulationsto Mayor-Elect Justin Bibb
    • Mayor Elect is a Downtown resident, whose both live and worked downtown
  • Confident that either candidate would have done a great job
  • Excited for new fresh leadership and new ideas
  • Important election for the city and Downtown as we continue to navigate our recovery. Next leader will greatly impact how Downtown Cleveland continues to rebound from the pandemic

Speaking of Downtown Cleveland’s recovery, last week DCA published the October recovery report which will be a monthly report correct?

Correct. DCA is keeping a close tab on our recovery with a monthly data driven report. We can see and feel the impact of recovery but it’s always great to have concrete data to support the anecdotes.

  • Increased foot traffic- In September Downtown saw a 99.2% from the September 2020
  • 90% of Downtown Cleveland employers have returned to the office, either full-time or a hybrid model.
  • Unemployment in Cuyahoga County dropped to 5.8% (after peaking in April 2020 at 22.4%)
  • 35 new shops and restaurants have opened Downtown for a net gain of 9 new businesses
  • To-date in 2021, more than 63% of sublease space added during the pandemic has been leased
  • Downtown hotel occupancy increased by 23% from 2020, and as of September 2021, Downtown Cleveland showed a 45% improvement in weekly visits compared to September 2020

Events like the Rock Hall Induction ceremony last week, Browns and Cavs games and all the new restaurants and community activations are calling people back to Downtown Cleveland for the unique experiences- Winterfest coming Nov. 27th

For more information on Downtown Cleveland, or if you’re interested in relocating or expanding into Downtown Cleveland, visit 

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