Downtown Cleveland Alliance Update With CEO Michael Deemer - 8-25-21

Michael Deemer, President & CEO from The Downtown Cleveland Alliance spoke to Bill about early voting is now underway for Cleveland’s Mayoral primary election - DCA is working on ensuring that voters have all the tools and information they need to get out and vote.

Why is the election so important for downtown?

As you know, DCA is working to welcome the community back to Downtown Cleveland and keep building on our strong foundation for the future. A key piece of our campaign is to support policies that help us become the welcoming and inclusive 24/7 hub of a global city that we need to be to compete for talent.

  • Last week DCA launched first-ever Public Policy Agenda
    • Outlining the issues that help shape Cleveland’s center city neighborhood
  • Goals include:
    • Accelerating Downtown Cleveland Evolution into a 24/7, 15-minute Neighborhood that retains and Attracts the Next Generation of Tale
    • Housing diversity
    • Job growth
    • Enhancing the quality of life for residents
    • Expanding mobility options
    • Supporting efficient government processes

Given the outsized economic and cultural impact that Downtown Cleveland has on the city and region, it is vital that federal, state, and local public policies support its continued growth in a way that is equitable, inclusive, and forward-thinking.

And in preparation for the election, DCA is working on ensuring that voters have all the tools and information they need to get out and vote.

DCA produced a Voter Education Guide in an effort to equip Downtown Cleveland residents with the necessary tools ahead of the Cleveland Mayoral primary.

  • The guide includes:
    • Guidance & instructions on how Downtown Cleveland residents can register to vote 
    • Key deadlines
    • Precinct locations
    • How to make their voices heard and ultimately, impact the upcoming primary election and beyond
  • Likewise, we sent a questionnaire to all seven candidates
    • Platform for candidates to respond to questions specifically relating to Downtown
    • Downtown Cleveland currently has 20,000 residents. It’s important for us to give candidates an opportunity to respond to questions that directly impact Downtown residents.

Check out both the Public Policy Agenda and the responses to the Candidate Questionnaire by going to and clicking the “Vote” tab. 

For more information on Downtown Cleveland, or if you’re interested in expanding or relocating your business into Downtown Cleveland visit

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