Treasure Hunter Sues Forrest Fenn

A disgruntled treasure hunter from Colorado has filed a lawsuit against Forrest Fenn after he failed to find the author's infamous hidden cache of riches. The notorious Fenn treasure allegedly consists of $3 million worth of gold and jewels stashed somewhere in the American southwest. The eccentric art dealer purportedly hid it back in 2010 and launched the hunt with the publication of his book The Thrill of the Chase, which contained clues for where the riches could be located.

Since that time, countless individuals from around the world have attempted to solve the puzzle and find the treasure. And, in a strange lawsuit filed on Monday, David Harold Hanson reportedly declared that he did locate the riches, but wound up being misled by Fenn when he got too close to recovering the elusive cache. According to a court filing, the treasure hunter claims that, using the author's clues, he "arrived at the location where the hidden items were."

However, Hanson alleges, Fenn subsequently released additional clues which the treasure hunter described as "misleading," since they upended his theory for where the riches could be found. The lawsuit goes on to assert that the author also provided insights that led to someone else finding "the items in question." As such, Hanson believes that Fenn is responsible for preventing him from obtaining the treasure and, in turn, he is demanding $1.5 million in compensation for his troubles. Hanson's reasoning for that dollar figure is that it is half the reported value the Fenn treasure.

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