Jennifer Ake-Marriott: President and CEO of Redmond Waltz Electric

Photo: Photo courtesy of Sandra Stafford

Jennifer Ake-Marriott is president and CEO of Cleveland-based Redmond Waltz Electric. Established in 1946, Redmond Waltz is an expert provider of Industrial Repairs specializing in the repair of AC/DC electric motors, gearboxes, pumps, blowers and fans.

A Greater Cleveland native who attended Kent State University, Jennifer is has spent her entire career working in the environmental and industrial services industries. She joined Redmond Waltz as president in September 2013 and added the responsibilities of CEO in March 2016. She also serves as president of AKE Environmental, her family’s water-pollution control business.

Despite its long, successful history, Redmond Waltz was in distress when Jennifer arrived. Yet she saw the value in the struggling company and honored the decades of effort of real working people by nurturing it back to health.

Over the next five years, the company nearly tripled revenues while paying off roughly $1 million in debt, rebuilding customer and vendor relationships, increasing wages and benefits, and adding more women to the small staff.

Together, the Redmond Waltz team has created a culture of accountability and efficient communication, one that is focused on growth and changing for the better.

Hear the "CEOs You Should Know" podcast with Jennifer Ake-Marriott below.

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