Kevin Meuret: Founder & CEO of Mantality

Photo: Kevin Meuret Family (photo courtesy of Mantality)

Kevin Meuret is an entrepreneur in the medical field for the past 28 years. He has operating regional outpatient clinics throughout the Midwest focusing on operational efficiency, quality driven care, and community education.

Educating our community as medicine evolves is top priority for our organizations. We feel that when our friends and neighbors understand their options for health and wellness, they will make the choices that best fit their families. We feel that our organizational commitment to education coupled with ease of access can make a lasting impact on our communities.”

Kevin is a native of Nebraska, attended the University of Nebraska where he studied chemistry and biology. He received his Doctorate from Logan University and a Masters in Business Administration from Webster University. Kevin lives in St Louis Missouri and is the father of 6.

Kevin is the founder of Mantality,a regional group of medical clinics focused on men’s health, hormone optimization, and early diagnosis. In Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio.

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