Bill Priemer: President and Chief Executive Officer of Hyland

Bill Priemer-Photo Courtesy of Hyland

Bill Priemer, President and Chief Executive Officer

Bill joined Hyland in 1997 as Vice President of Marketing. He became Vice President of Sales & Marketing in 2001, Chief Operating Officer in 2005, and CEO in January 2013. Prior to joining Hyland, Bill worked at FedEx Corporation and at AST Research, a personal computer manufacturer.

Bill received a master’s degree in Marketing from Northwestern University and undergraduate degrees from Boston College. He was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. While he has lived elsewhere and travels extensively, he is happy and proud to call the Cleveland area home.

Bill serves on the boards of John Carroll University, Business Volunteers Unlimited, and Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education. Follow him on Twitter: @BillPriemer

Visit Hyland: HERE

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