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Jonathan Tsilimos & Albert Pena

Jonathan Tsilimos & Albert Pena

Jonathan Tsilimos (L) & Albert Pena (R) photo courtesy of Tsilimos, Dolesh and Peña, LLC

Tsilimos, Dolesh and Peña, LLC dedicates its practice to helping people who have been injured in Ohio. Their attorneys have also assisted injury victims in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana. They keep our firm small so they can focus their time and efforts on each client matter and provide a valuable personal service. They believe that clients achieve the best results when they can speak freely with their attorneys and create a relationship of trust. They know that trust is earned not given, and it is their goal to earn the trust and confidence of every client and create a winning formula for every case. For this reason, many of their former clients recommend their firm to their friends and family. Whether a claim involves skillful pre-suit negotiation or creative litigation, their clients know that their team of attorneys at TDP Law Firm is always working to get them the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Jonathan Tsilimos Biography

Mr. Tsilimos practiced with large insurance​ and defense firms before taking up personal injury and small business work a decade ago. He has substantial experience in a wide range of practice areas, including medical malpractice, business litigation, wrongful death, motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents, and business counsel.

Albert Pena Biography

Mr. Peña has represented more than a thousand accident victims, defended the wrongfully accused, and has seen first-hand the injustices that big insurance companies and police institutions foist upon those that cannot afford even the most basic representation. Mr. Peña aggressively fights for the rights of people who need it the most because he comes from humble roots and knows the impact that even a small victory can have in the lives of those he represents. 


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