Joe Soltis: Founder & CEO Of ChoiceLocal

Joe Soltis

Joe Soltis

After the loss of a child late into a pregnancy, Joe and his wife Becky decided that they wanted to live a purpose-driven life helping others.Since then Joe has started several successful businesses that have as their sole mission: help others. Throughout his career he has brought a constant and tireless emphasis to helping others find success, helping team members to grow, and helping those in need.

Joe is the Founder and CEO of ChoiceLocal, a digital marketing firm that serves franchise systems where the average client partner of ChoiceLocal gains $15.51 for every $1.00 in invested in marketing.  ChoiceLocal was founded as a 1-person company and today just a few years later is 65+ people, is bringing on 2-3 new people per month, is a 2X winner of NorthCoast99’s best place to work award, and boasts an annualized client retention rate of 94% and a net promoter score higher than great performing companies such as Apple, Amazon, & Trader Joe’s.

Joe Soltis serves as Chairman and co-founder of ChoiceFinance. After working with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses, he discovered in these businesses a strong need for financial discipline, sales process and discipline, KPI measurement of business performance as well as employee performance backed with the financial processes. ChoiceFinance offers outsourced CFO services to businesses that are looking to grow, increase profits, raise money, or participate in a merger or acquisition.

In addition, ChoiceFinance provides technology and services that integrate directly into ChoiceLocal marketing solutions, as well as all other marketing and sales in an organization. This enables ChoiceFinance client partners to know exactly what marketing investments are driving profitable growth and what other marketing investments need to be cut or optimized.

Joe Soltis serves as Chairman and co-founder of MeetAmerica which works to inspire America by telling the stories of people who are heroes in everyday life. MeetAmerica reaches well over 12,000,000 Americans with its hopeful and inspiring message of American unity and stories of heroic servant leadership across America.MeetAmerica sells fun and inspiring American made and veteran apparel and home décor which in turn provides jobs to great American veterans.

Joe and his wife Becky Soltis founded The Benjamin Isaac Foundation, created after the death of their unborn son Ben, late into Becky’s pregnancy.  Today The Benjamin Isaac Foundation helps kids from around America and the world who are in physical, emotional or spiritual need.

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