G. Michael Merritt: Chief Executive Officer Of Merritt

Michael Merritt

“Because we never accept the status quo, we are constantly innovating, identifying new ways to meet old challenges. We have never been afraid of going against the grain in pursuit of perfection.”

G. Michael Merritt has a singular vision for Merritt, the company his father, George A. Merritt, founded in 1967: to be the best, most forward thinking and in-demand provider of ultra-high-end architectural mill work and joinery for residential estates and super yachts. Through his strategic leadership and a collaborative executive team, Merritt has become one of the world’s leading luxury interior solutions firms.

Throughout his tenure, Michael has practiced every trade and held nearly every key position in the company from cabinetry to operations. Today Michael provides strategic and practical support of Merritt’s many teams, departments and divisions, while focusing on human capital, team results, mentoring and ensuring controlled company growth.

Michael’s goals for Merritt today and in the future are clear: generate flawless results for our clients, mentor and motivate our company team and provide security and future opportunities to our employees, vendors, consultants and friends.


Merritt is the connoisseur’s choice for exquisite woodwork and joinery for fine residences and super yachts. Since its inception in 1967, Merritt has operated on the belief that while its craft may be traditional, its business should be boundary breaking. After more than five decades of collaborating with iconic architects and interior designers, those principles hold true and explain why Merritt has grown to become recognized as the industry leader, a proven partner, a purveyor of precision and a master of both the art and science of woodworking and joinery.

Merritt was founded in 1967 by artisan woodworker George A. Merritt, who learned his craft under a master Italian cabinetmaker. He grew the company, supervising young artisans as they honed their skills, by zeroing in on the highest-quality cabinetry and woodwork niche.

Since 2001 Merritt has been under the direction of his sons G. Michael Merritt, Chief Executive Officer and Keith Merritt, Executive Vice President, and the company has grown in scope, size and services. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Merritt has 200+ employees in 5 offices in the U.S., and an office in Schweinfurt, Germany. State of the art, climate-controlled production facilities reside in Mentor, OH and Lodi, CA.

Merritt’s computer-driven equipment is complimented by a team of craftspeople whose meticulous assembly and fitting of woodwork and joinery is complemented with hand-finishing of paneling, marquetry and veneers that surpass the reach of machines. Merritt maintains a team of highly skilled and passionate architects, engineers, ACADTM detailers, 3D modelers, master carvers, project managers, cabinetmakers, finishers, machinists, welders, traffic and delivery specialists, as well as on-site superintendents and carpenters.

While widely known for its luxury interior architectural woodwork, Merritt has grown well beyond that definition to provide clients with unparalleled strategic interior solutions ranging from the expected: woodwork and joinery manufacturing, carpentry and installation; to the surprising and unexpected: hardware, metalwork, specialty material procurement and classical decoration. However, their most defining program, and what has elevated them to the very top of their field is their all-encompassing engineering and consulting service. Unlike industry competitors, Merritt looks at projects from a holistic point of view, understanding that every piece in the puzzle contributes to the final, extraordinary results demanded by the world-renowned interior designers, architects and builders whom they collaborate, as well as the home and super yacht owners themselves.

With constant innovation and an obsession with perfection, Merritt continues to change the definition of woodwork and joinery. Clients, design partners and homeowners know that Merritt exudes confidence, luxury, and unparalleled quality and rely on Merritt for their most discerning projects and designs.

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