Tom Heinen: Co-President of Heinen's Inc.

Tom Heinen

Photo courtesy of Heinen's

Heinen’s started as a butcher shop in 1929, opened Cleveland’s first supermarket in 1933 and Ohio largest Supermarket in 1959. Today, this family owned grocery chain has grown to 23 stores (19 in Cleveland and 4 in Chicago). Unique among most grocery store chains, Heinen’s self-distributes their products through their three two warehouse facilities and a new food manufacturing plant, also located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tom Heinen is the Co-President of Heinen’s, Inc. He and his twin brother, Jeff, run the company and represent the third generation to lead in the business.

Tom grew up in Cleveland and graduated from Bucknell University with a degree in Business Management. Prior to becoming Co-President, Tom worked in and developed strategies in several areas of the company, including Heinen’s nationally recognized Meat Program, Bakery, Prepared Foods and Deli. Tom and his brother are actively engaged in the business and between them share in overseeing all operations of the company. Tom specifically leads the company’s Chicago operations, Central Food Production and Labor Relations for Heinen’s 3,700 associates.



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