Andy Jones CEO of MCPc Inc.

Andy Jones sized

Photo courtesy of MCPc, Inc.

As CEO, Andy Jones led MCPc’s transition from a value-added reseller to a market-shaper in services and solutions called Secure Technology Logistics – a prescribed, wholistic approach to endpoint management that helps customers optimize total cost of ownership and mitigate cyber risk through a “chain of custody” process that is now considered an industry standard.

In addition to growing the MCPc business, Andy firmly believes in giving back to the communities in which MCPc serves. An avid cyclist, he formed TeamMCPc, made up of employees, customers, partners and community leaders to raise funds for cancer and diabetes research and treatment through VeloSano, the Pan Ohio Hope Ride, and Tour de Cure.

After serving honorably as an Airborne Infantryman in the US Army, Andy received a bachelors and master’s from Morehead State University. Always one to share his knowledge and love of the industry, he has published multiple technical books and articles. Andy also carries that love of teaching into the sky where he holds commercial pilot and certified flight instructor certificates.



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