How To Keep Your Pet Safe During The Eclipse

Watching the eclipse with dog

Photo: wanderluster / E+ / Getty Images

There are some do’s and don'ts to keep in mind when it comes to your pets and the eclipse.

Eclipses aren't dangerous for pets like dogs and cats, but experts recommend not bringing them with you to see one.

The upcoming eclipse will see thousands of people traveling to the path of totality to witness the cosmic alignment of the moon and sun and those crowds could harm pets.

If you do bring a pet, make sure they have plenty of space and water and that they're on a leash.

Experts say skip bringing your pet, for their safety.

The American Kennel Club says DO NOT force your dog to look at the eclipse, it has no interest, and doing that would injure them.

Pets don’t look at the sun, so you don’t need to keep them indoors or buy them eclipse glasses.

Pets that are normally scared of thunderstorms may freak out when it gets dark, so keep them safe like you would during a storm.

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