WATCH VIDEO! Carmen Loses Bet To Bloomdaddy; Eats Dog Food And Biscuits

Thursday was pay up day by Carmen Angelo to Bloomdaddy following their bet last Sunday on the Browns-Carolina season opener. Carmen bet Bloomdaddy that former Browns QB Baker Mayfield and his Panther teammates would beat Cleveland.

Had Bloomdaddy lost, he would have had to take Carmen to 'The Marble Room,' one of Cleveland's most upscale restaurants. Since Carmen lost, he had to eat dog food and dog biscuits live on the air outside the WTAM 1100/iHeart Media studios at 668 Euclid Avenue.

Carmen was a man of his word and did just that but, sadly and disgustingly, fell violently ill after housing the dog food and biscuits. WATCH VIDEO!

(Photo courtesy of WTAM 1100's Ray Davis)


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