Florida Teacher Skips Sex With Teens Does Drugs With Them Instead

Meanwhile in Florida...Marina Deetz, an elementary school teacher, has seen all the news report about teachers having sex with students so she opted against that. Deetz was arrested after police investigated the death of an 18 year old man due to overdose. The investigation found toxic levels of Fentanyl in the deceased man. As investigators learned more, they determined that the 18 year old and a 17 year old were at the apartment of 20 year old Deetz. The 17 year old said that Deetz gave them cocaine and Fentanyl in exchange for $50. Deetz did say that she gave both the man and teen cocaine but denied giving them Fentanyl.

Deetz has been arrested but has not been charged in the death of the 18 year old man.

Photo: Pasco County

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