John Johnson III On Fourth Quarter Struggles And Technique

Cleveland Browns v Atlanta Falcons

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - OCTOBER 02: Drake London #5 of the Atlanta Falcons is charged with a face mask against John Johnson III #43 of the Cleveland Browns during the third quarter of the game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on October 02, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

On why the Browns defense has not played as well in the fourth quarter compared to other quarters:

“Maybe just emphasis on finishing the game. Maybe we have to emphasize it more. I can’t really put my finger on it. You are going to get the team’s best effort in the fourth quarter, and we have to match that intensity. I think we just have to put an emphasis on it.”

On the Falcons’ deep pass late in the fourth quarter and if that was a result of miscommunication, similar to games earlier this season:

“That was not really communication. That was just a technique issue. We have a progression on defense, as well, and it was kind of like a long, drawn out play. We just lost a guy, he got lost, we didn’t get eyes to him and he ended up wide open. It really was not a communication thing. It was just (Falcons QB Marcus) Mariota made something happen, and we just lost a guy. It is something we can easily fix, but it can’t happen.”

On clarifying the technique issue on the Falcons’ deep pass last in the game:

“I believe that was a Cover 3. Everyone has a zone underneath. Like I said, you just have to find eyes to your coverage. It was like a two-man route so we have to find the guy that was missing. He snuck behind the linebackers, and we just have to find him.”

On if the Falcons’ effectiveness running the ball may have led to the Falcons player sneaking behind the Browns LBs:

“That could be a possibility, yeah.”

On understanding NFL offenses will make big plays on defenses at times and how the Browns defense is prepared for potential criticism following it:

“They get paid, too. They are going to make some plays. Like we said, the moments in the game that we give these plays up can’t happen. It is a game-winning drive, to ice the game or to even in previous games for a team to come back on us, I think it is just the moment in the game where we can’t give those up. Like you said, they are going to make plays, but certain moments, we have to tighten up and put things away.”

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