Greg Newsome Says JOK Pushes Him On The Field

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns

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Browns defensive back Greg Newsome spoke to the media after practice on Friday.

On the possibilities for the speedy duo of LBs Jacob Phillips and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah in the middle of the defense:

“It can do a lot. It makes us a lot more multiple. We have linebackers who can run with tight ends and can run with guys so it is going to allow us to do a lot more. They have been doing great. It is going to help me a lot. The ball is not going to get to the edge that easily with those guys being able to run sideline to sideline fast. It is definitely great having those two fast guys out there.”


On how having multiple Browns players with the ability to affect the QB helps the DBs:

“It makes our job a lot easier. When we play some of those zones, they are able to drop, get depth and allow us to break freely on the quarterback, and we do not have to play our routes having guys like that up front and then having linebackers that can cover, too, as well.”


On how injuries to Browns WRs has impacted the DBs’ preparation:

“It does not change. Some of those young receivers are doing amazing. They are helping us out a lot, giving us different routes, different releases and different body types. It is good to go against some of those new guys instead of going against guys who I have been going against for a year now. They have been doing a great job, and that receiver group is looking good.”


On if facing WRs with different skillsets and sizes is beneficial:

“Exactly, yeah. That is only going to help me in the near future.”


On his relationship with Owusu-Koramoah and how they push each other to improve on the field:

“That is my guy. That is one of my best friends on the team. We just push each other in general. We are trying to both be leaders. We want this team to be successful. That is just how on the field we are always talking and always working together. Especially me now playing inside a little bit more, we are always talking and communicating. We have a great relationship.”


On if being more of a leader is a goal for him in Year 2:

“For sure, most definitely. That is always a goal of mine is to be a leader. Last year, I was able to prove myself a little bit, and I am starting to prove myself more out here so I think guys will be able to gel towards me.”

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