Mystery Oilers Fan Who Flashed Crowd In Viral Clip Finally Breaks Silence

Vancouver Canucks v Edmonton Oilers - Game Four

Photo: Getty Images

The mystery Edmonton Oilers fan who went viral after she flashed the crowd during the team's Game 5 Western Conference Final win against the Dallas Stars last month has finally broken her silence.

The woman, who was identified only as 'Kate,' appeared on the latest episode of the popular Barstool Sports hockey podcast Spittin Chiclets released on Monday (June 10), 11 days after pulling up her sweater and flashing her breasts, causing a stir online.

“You know, what… I don’t know," Kate said when asked what inspired the incident.

“The handful of Cheezies that I ate all day and the eight Trulys I drank in the first period was definitely inspiring,” she added.

The clip quickly spread on X, but Kate's identity remained anonymous amid reports that the adult site, CamSoda, promised her up to $100,000 to "show of her chest just as she did the other night" on its streaming platform.

Kate, who said she works in a Canadian oil field, told hosts Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnettee that she spotted the clip that was originally shared on X, reported it and "got it removed," however, it later "came back with a vengeance," having resurfaced.

“I’m still trying to be in the witness relocation program a little bit here," Kate joked while wearing a hoodie, hat and large sunglasses.

Kate also went on to address the question "a lot of people had" regarding whether her breasts were real.

"No they are not," she revealed.

The Oilers went on to defeat the Stars in six games and are currently down 0-2 to the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup Finals following a 4-1 loss Monday night.

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