WATCH: Flames Shoot Out Of Engine Of Boeing Jet Moments After Takeoff

Airplane engine in fire

Photo: Dmytro Aksonov / iStock / Getty Images

An Air Canada flight was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff on Wednesday (June 5) when several explosions rocked the plane's engine. The airline said that Flight AC872 from Toronto to Paris, which was carrying 400 passengers, experienced engine issues shortly after takeoff and returned to Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The plane landed safely and was met on the runway by the fire department.

"After the aircraft landed, it was inspected by airport response vehicles as per normal operating processes, and it taxied to the gate on its own," Air Canada told CP24. "The aircraft will be taken out of service for further evaluation by our maintenance and engineering professionals."

According to the Daily Mail, the airline said the explosions were caused by an issue with the engine's compressor.

The passengers were unharmed and were accommodated on another flight to Paris later that night.

Shocking video captured several explosions from the plane's engine as it tried to gain altitude after taking off.

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