Ohio Eatery Named The 'Most Beloved Burger Joint' In The State

Photo: James wasswa/500px/Getty Images

Burgers are one of the most popular foods in the country and can essentially be crafted to make the perfect sandwich for any foodie, from juicy cheeseburgers loaded with toppings to plant-based creations that would make any vegan shout with joy.

According to a list compiled by Finance Buzz of top-notch burger spots around the country, the most beloved burger joint in all of Ohio is Swensons Drive-In. This popular restaurant has been around for nearly a century and serves a variety of items, sweet and savory, including its "award-winning" signature burger The Galley Boy. Swensons Drive-In has several locations around Ohio. Find your nearest one by visiting the restaurant's website.

Here's what the site had to say about the best burger joint in the state:

"Swenson Drive-In is an Ohio-based restaurant that started as a burger business in 1934, starting in Buchtel, Ohio. The restaurant's founder originally started by selling burgers out of his car. Now, it's a major chain in the state, still boasting delicious food. There are a few burger options, but the most popular and iconic is the Galley Boy. This burger includes two beef patties, cheese, and two separate sauces, all on buttered buns, and garnished with a green olive."

See the full list at financebuzz.com to find more of the best burger joints around the country.

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