Fisherman Killed After Boat Got Sucked Into Dam Spillway

Dam spillway

Photo: Jonathan Baxter / Moment / Getty Images

fisherman drowned after his boat got caught in the spillway at the Fort Loudoun Dam in Loudon County, Tennessee, on Tuesday (September 26).

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said that two men were fishing near the bottom of the dam when their boat got pulled into the spillway.

A nearby boat rushed over to assist, and another fisherman was able to pull one of the men out of the water. A short while later, dam workers recovered the body of the other man.

Officials said they will release his name on Wednesday.

According to WBIR, both men were wearing lifejackets when their boat capsized. Their fishing boat was recovered and will be inspected as part of the investigation.

Authorities did not provide any details about how the boat got caught in the spillway of the hydroelectric dam.

similar incident occurred in 2020 when a boat's engine died, and it got sucked into the spillway, killing one man.

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