Bill Wills Interviews Jason Alexander Of Seinfeld Fame Thursday Morning

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Photo: (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

CLEVELAND - WTAM morning host Bill Wills interviews actor Jason Alexander on Thursday at 7:50 a.m. about his new podcast "Really? No Really?". Alexander and his best friend Peter Tilden are joined by experts, newsmakers and celebrities in an attempt to find answers to the things that make us go as they search for the answers to life's most baffling, intriguing, confusing and annoying questions.

Jason Alexander, of Seinfeld fame, is nothing like George Costanza even though you may see him in public wearing his characters clothes. That's because Jason is frugal and not ashamed to be seen in George's khaki pants from season 3 even though he's rich and famous. As a young boy in Newark, New Jersey he was shy, introverted and uncomfortably overweight. The one thing he found that gave him joy was magic and he spent every waking moment studying and practicing. Unfortunately, his exceptionally tiny hands made it virtually impossible to perform magic or buy gloves or open large jars.

Eventually he would find friendship and encouragement in a local theater group and realized that he could replace the illusions of magic with the illusion of creating characters. and you know the rest. A Tony award for Jerome Robbins Broadway, playing the smarmy lawyer in Pretty Woman and then of course becoming one of the most iconic characters in television history.

You can hear the interview live at 7:50 a.m. on Thursday by listening: HERE

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