CSU Men's Season Ends On Sour Note With 91-75 OT Loss To Eastern Kentucky

DAYTONA BEACH, FL--- In a non-ideal way to end the season, CSU lost their first round CBI game to Eastern Kentucky 91-75 in an overtime period where the only point CSU would score would be from technical foul called on EKU. The Vikings were outscored 17-1 in overtime.

EKU started the game off on an 8-0 right out of the gate, CSU would then answer with a 5-0 run of their own started by Drew Lowder with an acrobatic 3 pointer. Like most of the games CSU has played this season, the first half was pretty closely contested, EKU led for a good amount but not by much, the Vikes then tied the game at 21 via a Jayson Woodrich 3 pointer, later taking the lead at 27-26. Taking a 2 point halftime lead to the locker room.

Another factor in the game was the lack of fouls called, it was a very physical game due to the whistle rarely getting blown all game. The Vikings had a 13 point lead at the 10:29 mark, EKU kept inching closer and closer to the lead until finally tying it with 31 seconds to go at 72 thanks to Isaiah Cozart. Overtime was completely ruled by EKU as they were on a 25-7 run since the 3:40 mark of the second half, and continued the dominance all the way through OT, outscoring the Vikings 17-1, the only CSU point? A technical foul free throw.

The Vikings, like the women's team will carry a large amount of confidence and momentum into next season under Daniyal Robinson, who helped the Vikings win 21 games in his first year at the helm.

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