Zebra Gunned Down By Ohio Cops After It Tries To Rip Off Owner's Arm

Photo: Getty Images-Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography

Ohio sheriff's deputies killed a zebra Sunday after it attacked its owner and nearly bit off his arm.

The incident occurred in Circleville, where Pickaway County Sheriff's deputies found resident Ronald Clifton, 72, in a pool of blood, surrounded by a herd of zebras, authorities say. Although deputies were able to shoo away most of the animals, one stayed behind, according to a sheriff's report. It "charged my driver side door and was acting very hostile," the report reads. The deputy finally got the zebra to leave by turning on his siren, per the report.

However, after deputies put a tourniquet on Clifton's arm, the hostile zebra came back and charged a sheriff's sergeant, authorities say. After her efforts to scare the animal away failed, the sergeant finally shot the zebra in the head, killing it. Clifton's family says doctors have saved his badly injured arm. They also say they have no plans to get rid of the other zebras.

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