Former Fox News Anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle Turns 54 Today


Juliette Binoche is 59 (“Chocolat,” “Godzilla”) (FAST FACT: She was nominated for an Academy Award for her Leading Actress role in “Chocolat,” but won for Best Supporting Actress in her 1996 film, “The English Patient”)

Brian Bosworth is 58 (“Stone Cold,” “The Longest Yard”) (FAST FACT: The former Seattle Seahawks linebacker began acting in 1991)

Klariza Clayton is 34 (“House of Anubis,” “Skins”)

Matthew Gray Gubler is 43 (“500 Days of Summer,” “Criminal Minds”) (FAST FACT: before fame, modeled for Marc Jacobs and American Eagle. He later interned for director Wes Anderson, who gave him a role in “The Life Aquatic.” His mother was the first Republican State Chairman of Nevada)

Oscar Isaac is 44 (“Robin Hood,” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”)

Jean Louisa Kelly is 51 (“Uncle Buck,” “Mr. Holland's Opus”)

Emmanuel Lewis is 52 (“A Christmas Dream,” “Webster”)

Nathan Owens is 39 (“Days of Our Lives,” “Devious Maids”)

Cierra Ramirez is 28 (“The Secret Life of The American Teenager,” “Girl in Progress”) (birthdate according to Wiki)

Kerr Smith is 51 (“Charmed,” “Dawson’s Creek”)

Chaske Spencer is 48 (“Skins,” “Twilight Saga” films)

Brittany Snow is 37 (“American Dream,” “Pitch Perfect” series) (FAST FACT: She received a Young Artist Award for role in “Guiding Light”)

Niamh Wilson is 26 (“Chasing Alice,” “The Marsh”) (FAST FACT: She won the 2012 Young Artist Award in the Leading Actress in a TV Series category for her role in the Family Channel’s “Debra!”)

The late Will Geer (1902 – 1978) (Best known as Grandpa Walton in the 1970’s series, “The Waltons”) (FAST FACT: He was blacklisted by Hollywood during the McCarthy Era for refusing to testify before the House Committee for Un-American Activities)

The late Raul Julia (1940 – 1994) …he would have been 83 (Known to modern audiences as Gomez Addams in the “The Addams Family” films, his legendary career includes “Kiss of the Spider Woman,” “The Street Fighter” films, “Tempest”) (FAST FACT: In 1995 he won a Cable ACE award, Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy, and a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role in “The Burning Season.” In 1998 the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival rewarded him with a Lifetime Achievement Award) 


AZ is 51 (born Anthony Cruz)

Chingy is 43 (his given name, Howard Bailey, Jr.)

C-Murder (AKA C-Miller) is 52 (His mama knows him as Corey Miller)

Domo Genesis is 32 (born Dominique Marquis Cole, he’s currently signed to Odd Future Records. He’s a member of the alternative hip hop collective Odd Future and the sub-group, MellowHigh)

New Found Glory’s guitarist Chad Gilbert is 42 (FAST FACTS: He wrote the song “Hit or Miss” for the film “American Pie 2.”

YG is 33 (his real name, Keenon Jackson)

30 Seconds to Mars’ drummer Shannon Leto is 53 (yes, he’s the older brother to bandmate Jared Leto)

Ben Folds Five’s Robert Sledge is 55

Robin Trower is 78 (FAST FACT: he performed with The Paramounts when he was 17)

Bow Wow is 36 (FAST FACT: Born Shad Gregory Moss, he’s Snoop Dogg’s protégé, formerly known as “Lil Bow Wow.” In recent years, he’s begun making a name for himself as an actor – credited as Shad Gregory Moss – with appearances in “Entourage” and the CBS series, “CSI: Cyber”)

The late Keely Smith (1928 – 2017)…she would have been 95 (FAST FACTS: Known as the “Queen of Swing Music” in the 50s with hits like, “I Wish You Love,” she once collaborated with Frank Sinatra for their duo, “So In Love”)


TV personality Charles Gibson is 80 (He co-hosted “Good Morning America” from 1987 to 2006, and was the anchor of ABC’s “World News with Charles Gibson” from 2006 to 2009)

Former Victoria Secret Model-turned Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle is 54 (She’s currently engaged to Donald Trump, Jr.)

“So You Think You Can Dance” judge Mary Murphy is 65

Three-time WWE Women’s Champion and two-time WWE Divas Champion, Melina Perez is 44

TV personality Travis Stork is 51 (Host of “The Doctors” since 2008 who has earned two Daytime Emmy nominations, he first came to fame as a former “Bachelor.” And by the way ladies, while he did finally get hitched - to pediatrician Charlotte Brown in 2012, they divorced in Spring 2015…but he wasn’t a bachelor for long – marrying Parris Bell in 2019 – and in June 2020? Welcoming their first child – son Grayson)

TV personality and former marine Steve Wilkos is 59 (FAST FACT: He began hosting his own show the “Steve Wilkos” show in 2007 after gaining attention from his part as Directory of Security on “The Jerry Springer Show”)

The late Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin (1934 – 1968)…he would have been 89 (FAST FACT: He was the world’s first man in space in 1961. On April 12, 1961 he completed his orbit of earth, which Americans would not accomplish until 1962 by John Glenn)

The late legendary explorer Amerigo Vespucci (1454 – 1512) (He was a letter-writing Italian explorer who discovered Brazil and Portugal, claiming it by the Treaty of Tordesillas and proved Brazil and the West Indies were not in Eastern Asia. America is the feminine Latin version of his name, Amerigo) 

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