Westlake Police Blotter: Elderly Woman Crashes Car Into Building

Photo: Photo courtesy of the Westlake Police Department

WESTLAKE, OH - On 2/8/23 at approx. 9:30AM officers responded to a report of a vehicle into a building in the 25000 block of Detroit Rd. While no one was injured, there was structural damage to the office building. The 72yo driver indicated that she did not remember how the vehicle accelerated when she was parking. The car was towed from the scene while the Westlake Fire Department checked on the damage to the property.  

On 2/4/23 WPD received a complaint from the parents of a local 17yo female that the girl’s ex-boyfriend was harassing them all via text message, phone calls and social media. A WPD officer contacted the 23yo male and advised him to cease communications. He agreed. On 2/5/23 the parents again reported that the unwanted communications were continuing despite the warnings. The complainants just wanted the harassment to stop but were not interested in charges at that point. The officer again spoke with the 23yo and strongly advised him to stop. On 2/6/23 at approx. 12:30PM the parents again contacted WPD. Not only had the communications not stopped, the male had now called the juvenile’s school and pretended to be a relative. WPD officers and detectives checked 2 addresses before finding the young adult. He was taken into custody at a home in Cleveland without further incident. The man was charged with menacing by stalking. A protection order was issued by Rocky River Municipal Court protecting the girl and her family. 

On 2/4/23 at about 9PM WPD received a call from a concerned citizen reporting a vehicle driving recklessly on I90. The caller believed that the driver could be impaired. Officers located the described vehicle and watched as it drove over lane lines on the highway. The car was stopped into Avon. The investigating officer noted that the female operator appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. He also noted that the driver’s 2 juvenile children, aged 12 and 14, were in the vehicle. The 46yo Avon resident was field tested and arrested for OVI. The father of the juveniles was called to the scene to take custody of the girls while the vehicle was impounded and towed from the scene. At the Westlake Jail the driver refused a breath test and was placed under an Administrative License Suspension. She was charged with OVI, the marked lanes violation and endangering children. 

On 2/7/23 at about 10AM a Westlake School Bus Driver reported that a white SUV passed his bus while it was stopped picking up a student on Willow Run. The red lights on the bus were flashing and the stop sign was deployed. The Westlake City Schools provided the video from the bus which also captured the violation. An officer investigated the incident and cited a 34yo female. WPD has taken numerous passing stopped school bus reports since the beginning of the year. This is a reminder that violators will be tracked down and ticketed. 

Photo: Graphic provided by the Westlake Police Department

On 2/7/23 at approx. 2PM officers responded to a report of a female sitting at the front door to the Westlake Porter Public Library. People were taking notice of her because she was drinking beer and appeared to be ready to finish a case of Bud Light.  The female appeared to be intoxicated and admitted to drinking “a lot.” After she told the officer that her name was “Brittany Spears” the officer placed her under arrest for disorderly conduct while intoxicated. She was cited with the minor misdemeanor and held in the Westlake Jail until she was sober and able to take care of herself.

On 2/8/23 at about 4PM an employee of the Courtyard by Marriott called WPD to report that there was a vehicle in their parking lot occupied by 2 persons. The complainant was concerned because both occupants were slumped over and appeared unconscious. Officers responded and noted that the vehicle was leaving the lot when they were pulling in. They followed the car and stopped it at Crocker and Detroit after witnessing traffic violations. While the female driver appeared to be fully coherent, the male passenger was clearly under the influence. He misidentified himself to the officers and was found to be in possession of suspected methamphetamine, fentanyl, needles and other paraphernalia. During the stop the male again passed out after admitting that he had ingested fentanyl. The 43yo Elyria resident was sent to the hospital in an ambulance for treatment. The female driver was sent on her way after she explained that the pair were delivering food for a mobile app. She knew that the passenger had a drug problem. Once lab results are received, expected charges for the male passenger will be felony possession of drugs and misdemeanor possession of drug abuse instruments and misidentification.

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