Westlake Police Blotter for Week of 1-23

  1. On 1/20/23 at approx. 5:30 AM WPD learned of a fire at the Mcdonald’s on Detroit at Columbia Rd. According to the Westlake Fire Department, this was the 2nd fire at the restaurant in as many days. Investigators reviewed surveillance footage and discovered that an employee appeared to set both fires intentionally. Alarmingly, the fires were adjacent to the natural gas-fired hot water tank. Luckily, the building only sustained cosmetic damage. On 1/20/23 at about 3 PM, officers responded to the Mcdonald’s and arrested the male employee, a 51yo Cleveland resident, when he showed up to work. The suspect was charged with Felony Arson. He was transported to the County Jail on a $50,000 cash/surety bond.
  2. On 1/21/23 at about 12:30 AM, WPD received a 911 call with yelling in the background but no one explicitly talking on the call. The call came from the Time Warp Bar on Canterbury, and officers were dispatched. Upon calling the bar, dispatchers learned that the staff there were dealing with an intoxicated patron arguing and throwing items inside the establishment. The team was physically struggling with the suspect. Officers arrived and took a 26yo Cleveland male into custody. The man resisted the officers before being restrained. The suspect was transported to the Westlake Jail and was charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated and resisting arrest. One officer reported a minor injury from the altercation.
  3. On 1/21/23 at approx. 1:15 PM, an employee from Crossings Village apartments, called WPD to report that a cat or kitten was stuck in the dumpster on the property. An officer was dispatched to investigate. He discovered a raccoon inside the dumpster. The officer took a minute to place a board inside to allow the animal to escape safely. Case Closed.
  4. On 1/24/23 at approx. 1 PM officers stopped a vehicle on I90 E/B at the Rocky River line for equipment and license violations. The officers noted signs of drug use in the vehicle, and the driver admitted he had a firearm in the car as well. A loaded handgun was found alongside a baggie of suspected cocaine. A scale, multiple empty baggies and cutting agent were confiscated along with a rifle, ammunition, suspected marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia. The 37yo driver did have a valid CCW permit which was taken as evidence along with the firearms. The Cleveland resident was arrested and charged with felony drug trafficking. Gun specifications will be requested when the case is presented to the county Grand Jury.

Related calls:

  1. On 1/20/23 at approx. 1130 Hrs WPD received a call from a Westlake Company in the 25000 block of Detroit Rd reporting that they had terminated a problem employee that morning. They were concerned because the male had been acting “off the wall/unstable.” He was no longer welcome on the property, and the company wished for special attention to the area. They were advised to call WPD right away if he showed up.
  2. On Sunday, 1/22/23, at about 1:30 AM, Westlake Fire (WFD) called for assistance at the Hunters Chase Apartments on Detroit Rd. The were responding to a report of smoke coming out of one of the units. Officers arrived and found an active fire in one of the apartments. No one was at the apartment at that time. Police Officers evacuated the residents of the building while WFD extinguished a fire in a clothes dryer. An arson investigation was initiated due to the circumstances.
  3. On Sunday, 1/22/23, at about 2:30 AM, WPD received a call from a concerned citizen reporting seeing a male wandering on the grass of I90 at Columbia Rd. The caller said he “did not look well,” and she was concerned for his safety. Officers located the described man walking W/B on the E/B portion of I90 in the grass area. The male said he went out for a walk and was now confused how he got on the highway. He said that he had been walking for 5-6 hours. The person identified himself and added that he may have amnesia. As the officers spoke with him, it became apparent the man was having a mental health crisis as he was speaking with persons who were not on scene. His identity was also not confirmed and it appeared he misidentified himself. The male was transported to UH St. John Medical Center (UHSJMC) for evaluation and treatment. He was admitted as a “John Doe.”
  4. Later, at about 3 PM on 1/22, WPD received a 911 call from UHSJMC reporting an assault in progress on the 3rd floor. WPD responded quickly and discovered that a doctor, evaluating “John Doe” had been physically attacked by the man. Hospital staff had to separate the doctor from the patient as security and police were responding. The suspect made the officers use force on him to get him handcuffed. The doctor required treatment in the ER. The suspect was finally positively identified as the 25yo resident of the apartment where the fire was started in the dryer. WPD provided a guard at the hospital while the male was treated until he was transported to another facility on 1/25/23.

WPD expects to present Grand Jury evidence against the male for felonious assault and arson, among other charges.

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