Lake County Board of Commissioners Vote to Rescind the Proposed Sales Tax

PAINESVILLE – The Board of Commissioners voted 3-0 to rescind the proposed .5% sales tax increase. The motion was made by Commissioner Richard J. Regovich and seconded by Commissioner John R. Hamercheck.

The Board remains unified in providing professional and high-level services to our residents and businesses, the most important of which is our criminal justice and public safety system.

“I would ask that the public pay close attention to the upcoming budget hearings in February,” said Commissioner John R. Hamercheck. “I have spent the past two weeks listening to the residents of Lake County, many of whom support the measure and others who are unsure. I feel strongly that we owe it to all residents to give this important matter serious deliberation,” said Commissioner Richard J. Regovich.
“Please understand my commitment is still to support public safety. It is my commitment to the voters. I am eager to start working immediately with my fellow commissioners and staff.”
“You can call me Commissioner No, because I am proud to have voted no on the biggest tax increase in Lake County history. Seniors are literally being taxed out of their homes. Families are struggling to put food on the table. Two weeks later, I am grateful that my colleagues both recognize that this is not the right time to raise taxes, and while this is a difficult decision to be made, it’s the right decision for Lake County,” said Commissioner John Plecnik.

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