VIDEO: Willoughby Police Vehicle hit by Out-of-Control Truck on Christmas

WILLOUGHBY -On Sunday, December 25th, at about 11:16 AM, a Willoughby officer was helping a car on SR2 eastbound (east of Lost Nation Rd.) that was involved in a single-car accident due to the weekend's rough road conditions.

The officer was standing outside near the motorist's vehicle, watching oncoming traffic.

The officer could see an out-of-control Toyota Tundra truck coming toward him. The officer jumped out of the way and on the median wall for safety when the 2001 Toyota Tundra truck struck the passenger side of the police SUV. Both the truck and police SUV sustained damage.

Reports say The officer and the driver of the truck were not injured.

The 63-year-old operator of the Toyota Tundra was cited for Failure To Control and was issued a court date. 

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