The City Club of Cleveland Announces Move to Playhouse Square in 2023

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CLEVELAND- The City Club of Cleveland announced that it will move to 1317 Euclid Avenue in Playhouse Square in the Fall of 2023, confirming its sixth home in 110 years. The new ground floor location with massive street front windows will improve accessibility to the City Club for more people and create new opportunities, in partnership with Playhouse Square, to host more noteworthy events and more national speakers and elevate the City Club as a destination for civic discussion and free speech.

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Renovations of the 14,600 square feet of the premises will begin in the Spring of 2023. The new location will increase forum capacity by roughly 50% to 330. The new space will also include a library, conference room, and offices, offering flexible space for meetings, collaboration, and events. The move also brings an opportunity to upgrade digital production capacity, which is key to the City Club's growth.

The move will make the City Club the eighth resident company of Playhouse Square and provide the possibility of synergies with civic, academic, and nonprofit neighbors, including Ideastream Public Media, the City Club's primary media partner.

"The City Club staff and board of directors have spent considerable time evaluating how best to position this historic institution for continued success in the years to come," said City Club Board President Kristen Baird Adams. "A new downtown home is integral to that path forward, and we could not be more excited about the opportunities ahead as a resident company of Playhouse Square."
"The possibilities here are just so exciting," said City Club CEO Dan Moulthrop. "We know this street-level access to civic dialogue will improve how we work with our community, as will the ability to move larger events to nearby stages. That's all just the beginning. We are really looking forward to seeing what can come from this collaboration."
"Playhouse Square enthusiastically welcomes the City Club to the neighborhood," said Playhouse Square President & CEO Gina Vernaci. "Their enduring tradition of civic engagement and convening power will be an impactful addition to our rich arts and culture offerings."

The City Club of Cleveland's new location is accessible via the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Health Line.

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The City Club of Cleveland is one of the nation's oldest free-speech forums. A product of the Progressive Era, it was founded in 1912 and remains one of the nation's oldest independent free-speech forums, renowned for its tradition of debate and discussion. For over a hundred years, all speakers, from sitting presidents to community activists, have answered unfiltered, unrehearsed questions directly from the audience. The mission of the City Club is to create conversations of consequence that help democracy thrive. More info:

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