The GOAT, Michael Jordan, Scores His 25,000th Point On This Date In 1996

Today in 1487, the German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot), was promulgated by Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria. It stated beer should be brewed from only three ingredients – water, malt and hops.

Today in 1782, Britain signed an agreement recognizing the independence of the United States in Paris.

Today in 1900, Irish author Oscar Wilde died of acute meningitis brought on by an ear infection in Paris.

Today in 1940, Lucille Ball and Cuban musician Desi Arnaz were married. They divorced right after the 1954 season run of "I Love Lucy.”

Today in 1952, Jackie Robinson charged the NY Yankees with racism.

Today in 1954, Elizabeth Hodges of Alabama was taking a nap on her couch when she was hit on the arm by an 8 ½ pound meteorite that crashed through her roof. She and her landlady fought over the ownership of the meteorite and ended up in court. Eventually, Mrs. Hodges won the rights to the meteorite and was offered money for it, but chose to donate it to Alabama University, instead.

Today in 1967, Senator Eugene McCarthy announced plans to run for the US presidency on an anti-Vietnam war platform.

Today in 1971, one of the most famous TV movies of all time, "Brian's Song," aired on ABC. The film dealt with the friendship of Chicago Bears running backs Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo – when Piccolo discovers he’s dying.

Today in 1974, the most complete early human skeleton (Lucy, Australopithecus) was discovered by Donald Johanson, Maurice Taieb, Yves Coppens and Tim White in the Middle Awash of Ethiopia's Afar Depression.

Today in 1975, President Gerald Ford signed a law requiring states to provide free education for handicapped children.

Today in 1976, the Utah Board of Pardons approved convicted murderer Gary Gilmore's request that he be executed. What’s so special about him? He was the first person put to death by capital punishment after it was reinstated in the country.

Today in 1977, "The Goodbye Girl" starring Marsha Mason and Richard Dreyfuss opened in theaters nationwide.

Today in 1990, the film, "Misery," starring Kathy Bates and James Caan, opened in theaters nationwide.

Today in 1993, President Clinton signed the Brady gun control bill into law.

Today in 1993, authorities in California arrested Richard Allen Davis, who confessed to abducting and slaying 12-year-old Polly Klaas of Petaluma. He was later sentenced to death for his crimes, and presently remains on California’s Death Row.

Today in 1994, two passengers died and nearly 1,000 others and crew members fled the cruise ship Achille Lauro after it caught fire off the coast of Somalia; the ship sank two days later. The Achille Lauro had gained notoriety in 1985 when it was hijacked by Palestinian extremists.

Today in 1994, rapper Tupac Shakur was shot five times during a robbery outside a New York City recording studio. He survived the shooting, but was killed two years later in Las Vegas.

Today in 1995, President Bill Clinton became the first U.S. chief executive to visit Northern Ireland.

Today in 1996, Tiny Tim died after collapsing after ending a show early because he felt ill. He was 64.

Today in 1996, the Chicago Bulls' Michael Jordan scored his 25,000th career point against the San Antonio Spurs, 97-88.

Today in 1999, the opening of the WTO (a 135-nation trade gathering) in Seattle was disrupted by at least 40,000 demonstrators. Dubbed the “Battle of Seattle,” there were 500 arrests….millions of dollars in damages…and a number of protestors sued over alleged violations of their civil rights.

Today in 2000, David Spade was assaulted with a stun gun by his longtime personal assistant, David Warren Malloy, during a burglary of Beverly Hills Spade's home. As part of a plea agreement, Malloy was later sentenced to five years probation.

Today in 2001, Gary Leon Ridgeway was arrested in Seattle, Washington for four of the Green River serial killings. He was initially convicted of 48 separate murders and later confessed to nearly twice that number. As part of his plea bargain, an additional conviction was added, bringing the total number of convictions to 49, making him the most prolific American serial killer in history (counting confirmed murders). Because he agreed to disclose the whereabouts of still-missing women, he was spared the death penalty and received a sentence of life imprisonment without parole in December 2003. But now? He’s down at least a peg – as 78-year-old Samuel Little appears to be on the hook for at least 90 murders.

Today in 2004, Longtime “Jeopardy!” champion Ken Jennings of Salt Lake City, Utah finally lost to Nancy Zerg in his 75th appearance on the show. He walked away with $2,520,700, television's all-time biggest game show haul.

Today in 2005, John Sentamu became the first black archbishop in the Church of England with his enthronement as the 97th Archbishop of York.

Today in 2007, Leeland Eisenberg entered the campaign office of Hillary Clinton in Rochester, New Hampshire with a device suspected of being a bomb and held three people hostage for five hours. He later served two-years in prison over the incident, and was released on parole…but has been in and out since.

Today in 2015, NBA star Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers) announced his intention to retire at the end of the season.

Today in 2015, Pope Francis urged peace while visiting controversial mosque in Bangui's PK5 district in Central African Republic.

Today in 2017, Def Jam founder Russell Simmons stepped down from his companies after repeated allegations of sexual misconduct.

Today in 2017, the world's longest recorded rainbow – at 8-hours, 58-minutes – shone across Taipei's Yangmingshan mountain range.

Today in 2018, Marriot Hotels revealed a massive data breach – with 500-million guests affected – in one of largest-ever company hacks.

Today in 2019, a gun battle between suspected cartel and Mexican security forces exploded at Villa Unión city hall, northern Mexico, kills 21

Today in 2020, it was revealed that rock art dating to between 12,600 and 11,800 years ago was found. The art? Thousands of paintings of now extinct Ice Age animals.

Today in 2021, Josephine Baker became the first black woman to be honored at Paris’ Panthéon, France's highest honor.

Today in 2021, Barbados becames a Republic, removing Queen Elizabeth II as head of state in a ceremony with Sandra Mason sworn in as the first President. Pop star/ beauty mogul Rihanna was also declared a national hero.


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