Greased Light Poles By Philadelphia Officials-Phillies World Series Clinch

Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez Getty Images News

In anticipation of a Phillies World Series clinch, city workers spent most of the day on Sunday applying grease to the city's light poles to prevent enthusiastic fans from climbing them while celebrating. But they managed to climb them anyway.

After the Phillies on Sunday punched the ticket to their first World Series appearance since 2009, fans all over the city took to the streets to celebrate -- with many of them shouting their team's praises from atop light poles. One video taken during the city-wide party shows one fan commemorating his successful climb by chugging a beer from at the top of a pole. Another fan claims to have climbed seven poles before he turned in for the night.

The city's light poles weren't the only objects Phillies fans were mounting after the 4-3 victory over the Padres. Police say dozens of Phillies followers, who couldn't make it to the top of the poles, instead climbed on top of parked vehicles, where they cheered for their team and smashed beer cans on their heads. No injuries or major damage has been reported.

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