VIDEO: Citizen Helps Female Officer Being Attacked by Suspect in Willoughby

WILLOUGHBY - On Saturday, September 10, around 4:30 pm, a Willoughby Police officer stopped a car for speeding on Lost Nation Rd. The Officer approached the vehicle and explained to the man why the man was stopped. The man, 64-year-old David Koubeck of Mentor, exited the car, opened the back door on the driver's side, and stood in the street. The Officer asked Koubeck to get out of the road, join her on the sidewalk, and sit down. The female Officer's request upset Koubeck. He started yelling at the Officer that he would not sit down, pointing his finger in the face of the Officer.

David Koubeck

Photo: Willoughby Police Department

The Officer ordered Koubeck to back away. That was when Koubeck pushed the Officer and yelled again that he would not sit. The Officer then ordered Koubeck to put his hands on the car. When he refused, David Koubeck and the female Officer began to grapple with one another. Four bystanders stopped and helped the Officer, including one who grabbed Koubeck and slammed him to the ground.

64-year-old David Koubeck of Mentor was arrested and charged with assault on a Police Officer, resisting arrest, speeding, and not wearing a seatbelt.

Koubeck will appear in court on Thursday, September 15.

You can watch the incident below.

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