Germany Invades Poland On This Date In 1939 Starting World War II

Today In 1807, former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr was found innocent of treason.

Today in 1864, during the Civil War – Atlanta fell as Union forces led by Gen. William T. Sherman occupied the city following the retreat of the Confederates.

Today In 1878, Emma M. Nutt became the first female telephone operator in the U.S. The company was the Telephone Dispatch Company of Boston.

Today In 1906, Jack Coombs of the American League’s Philadelphia Athletics pitched 24 innings against the Boston Red Sox.

Today In 1922, "The Radio Digest," the first daily news program on radio, began airing on WBAY radio in New York City.

Today In 1939, World War II began when Germany invaded Poland.

Today In 1942, a federal judge in Sacramento, California, upheld the wartime detention of Japanese-Americans as well as Japanese nationals.

Today In 1945, the U.S. received official word of Japan's formal surrender that ended World War II. Confused? Don’t be. While it actually happened on September 1st; in Japan, it was actually September 2nd. (this is why we have entries for the 1st and the 2nd)

Today In 1951, the ANZUS Treaty, a mutual defense pact, was signed by the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

Today in 1961, Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers became the first major-league pitcher to strike out 18 batters.

Today In 1971, Danny Murtaugh of the Pittsburgh Pirates gave his lineup card to the umpire with the names of nine black baseball players on it. This was a first for Major League Baseball.

Today In 1972, America’s Bobby Fischer beat Russia’s Boris Spassky to become world chess champion. The chess match took place in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Today In 1979, the U.S. Pioneer 11 became the first spacecraft to encounter Saturn.

Today In 1985, the Titanic was found by Dr. Robert Ballard and Jean Louis Michel in a joint U.S. and French expedition. The wreck site is located 963 miles northeast of New York and 453 miles southeast of the Newfoundland coast.

Today In 1995, Illinois Congressman Mel Reynolds announced his resignation following his conviction for having sex with an underage campaign volunteer. His troubles didn’t end there – as of July 2015, he has added a number of additional convictions to his record.

Today In 1998, Mark McGwire, of the St. Louis Cardinals, hit his 56th and 57th homeruns to set a new National League record. He would eventually reach a total of 70 for the season on September 27th.

Today in 1999, 22 of Major League Baseball's 68 permanent umpires were replaced. The problem arose from their union's failed attempt to force an early start to negotiations for a new labor contract.

Today in 2004, the Beslan school hostage crisis began when armed terrorists took more than 1000 children, teachers and others hostage in the Russian town of Beslan. When the siege was over two days later, 334 people were killed - including 186 children - with more than 700 wounded.

Today in 2005, Roger Goodell began his tenure as NFL Commissioner.

Today in 2015, Pope Francis told priests to pardon women who have had an abortion, in a letter released by the Vatican.

Today in 2018, the memorial service for Senator John McCain was held at Washington National Cathedral with his daughter Meghan McCain, Barack Obama and George W. Bush speaking.

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