Myles Garrett Named Cleveland Museum of Natural History Science Ambassador

Photo: Photo courtesy of the Cleveland Browns

CLEVELAND—The Cleveland Museum of Natural History have partnered with Myles Garrett to serve as the Museum’s first-ever Community Science Ambassador. This collaboration will establish Garrett as a leader in promoting the importance of science and STEM careers, especially for those underrepresented in the field, while supporting the Museum’s mission to foster science literacy.  As Community Science Ambassador, he is particularly dedicated to encouraging the community’s youngest members to pursue their interest in science and reinforcing the relevance of science to everyday life. His commitment to lifelong learning and removing barriers to access aligns with the Museum’s strategic priorities. 

“We have been so fortunate to get to know Myles, and we look forward to partnering with him in expanding access to science, especially in underserved communities,” said Sonia Winner, the Museum’s President & CEO. “This collaboration couldn’t begin at a better time, as the Museum undergoes a major transformation and redoubles its efforts to increase accessibility and engagement—key objectives outlined in our strategic plan.” 

As part of his ambassadorship, Garrett will participate in opportunities that help to raise awareness of the Museum, including its collections, events, and educational programming throughout Northeast Ohio, especially in the City of Cleveland. Known for his love of dinosaurs, he has frequented the Museum, visiting with its scientists and building a connection with its paleontology collection. His role will enable him to share his passion for science, in general, and paleontology, in particular, with new audiences. 

Myles’s role as Community Science Ambassador reflects his commitment to excellence and service, which extends to his activities off the field. In 2020 he was named the Browns’ Walter Payton Man of the Year, an award that honors players for their dedication to their community and athletic performance.

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