$2,000 In Cash That Was Hidden In 1934 Found By NJ Man

Photo: Justin Sullivan Getty Images News

A New Jersey man making renovations to his home this week found something unexpected hidden under his front porch: two tightly rolled wads of $10 and $20 bills totaling $2,000.

What's more is the dates on the bills indicate they were all made in 1934 or earlier, meaning the money's likely been hidden on Rich Gilson's property for more than 80 years. "My wife was in there painting," he says, "and I said, 'You got to come see this! You won’t believe what I just found!'"

While $2,000 might not be a fortune, it was in 1934. Financial experts say it's equal to about $43,000 in today's money. "Either somebody robbed a bank and buried it there, or somebody didn’t trust the banks in 1934 during the height of the depression," Gilson says.

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