16 Year Old Arrested For Online Threat Against Parma High School

Parma Police

Photo: City of Parma Police Department Facebook

PARMA, OH - Police arrested a 16-year-old Cleveland juvenile because they a threat made online against Parma High School. The threat led to the school being closed Thursday.

The juvenile, who is not a student at Parma High School, sent a message to Parma students on Instagram telling them not to attend school because there would be a shooting at the school today. School authorities found out about the threat and immediately told Parma police, who then decided to close the school today.

Parma Police officers identified this juvenile male as the person who sent the message and was able to locate him at his residence in Cleveland. He later told officers that he sent the message as a joke because he thought it would be funny. He was taken into custody and will potentially face criminal charges of Inducing Panic, a felony of the second degree.

The Parma Police Department takes every threat against our schools as a grave threat to public safety. It will utilize every department resource to investigate these threats thoroughly and recommend criminal charges against perpetrators who use these online platforms to spread fear and panic in our schools.

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