Mike Tyson Leaves Jail After 3-Plus Months For Assault This Day In 1999

Today in 1738, John Wesley was converted, essentially launching the Methodist movement; the day is celebrated annually by Methodists as Aldersgate Day.

Today in 1775, John Hancock was unanimously elected President of the Continental Congress.

Today in 1830, the first regular passenger railroad in the United States began service between Baltimore and Ellicott City, Maryland.

Today in 1830, the nursery rhyme, "Mary Had A Little Lamb," was first published.

Today in 1844, Samuel F.B. Morse transmitted the message, "What hath God wrought!" from Washington to Baltimore as he formally opened America's first telegraph line.

Today in 1856, the Pottawatomie Massacre in Kansas began and ran into the next morning. In reaction to the sacking of Lawrence, Kansas by pro-slavery forces, John Brown and a band of abolitionist settlers killed five settlers north of Pottawatomie Creek in Franklin County, Kansas. This was one of the many bloody episodes in Kansas preceding the American Civil War. The victims were prominently associated with the pro-slavery Law and Order Party, but were not themselves slave owners.

Today in 1931, B&O Railroad began service with the first passenger train to have air conditioning throughout. The run was between New York City and Washington D.C.

Today in 1950, the New York Knicks purchased Nathaniel “Sweetwater” Clifton’s contract from the Harlem Globetrotters. He was the first Black player to sign an NBA contract – though Washington Capitols player Earl Lloyd was the first Black player to debut.

Today in 1962, astronaut Scott Carpenter became the second American to orbit the Earth as he flew aboard "Aurora Seven."

Today in 1965, the Supreme Court declared that the federal law allowing post office to intercept communist propaganda was unconstitutional.

Today in 1984,Surgeon General C. Everett Koop issued a report saying there was “very solid” evidence linking cigarette smoke to lung disease in non-smokers.

Today in 1990, 40-year-old Judi Bari and 33-year-old and Darryl Cherney – two leaders of the militant environmental group Earth First! were injured when a pipe bomb ripped through their car in Oakland, California. Officials allegedly told the pair that they would be booked on charges of transporting explosives. Earth First! organizers denied that the two knowingly carried the bomb and reported that the pair had received death threats. “Certainly it was planted,” said group member Daniel Barron. “If it wasn’t the FBI, it could have been someone paid by the timber industry.”

Today in 1993, the Star Trek episode "Second Chances" aired guest starring Mae Jemison. She was the first real life astronaut to appear on the show.

Today in 1997, the space shuttle "Atlantis" returned to Earth, bringing with it NASA astronaut Jerry Linenger, who'd spent four months aboard the Russian "Mir" space station.

Today in 1999, Mike Tyson walked out of a Rockville, Maryland jail after spending three and a-half months behind bars for assaulting two motorists after a fender-bender.

Today in 2000, the state of Maryland dismissed its wiretapping case against Linda Tripp after judge disallowed most of Monica Lewinsky's testimony.

Today in 2000, a Democratic Party event for Al Gore in Washington brought in $26.5-million. The amount set a new record, which had just been set the previous month by Republicans for Texas Gov. George W. Bush.

Today in 2001, the Democrats gained control of the U.S. Senate for the first time since 1994 when Senator James Jeffords of Vermont abandoned the Republican Party and declared himself an independent.

Today in 2002, Russia and the United States signed the SORT (Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty) /Treaty of Moscow.

Today in 2013, President Barack Obama addressed the sexual assault epidemic staining the military, telling U.S. Naval Academy graduates to remember their honor depended on what they did when nobody was looking and said the crime had “no place in the greatest military on earth.”

Today in 2016, Bill Cosby was ordered to stand trial in a sexual assault case in Norristown, Pennsylvania. He has since been convicted.

Today in 2018, a record fentanyl seizure of 120-pounds in April was confirmed by police in Nebraska – enough to kill 26 million people – one of largest drug busts in American history.

Today in 2018, President Trump cancelled the summit with North and South Korea because of hostile statements from North Korea.

Today in 2018, President Trump posthumously pardoned boxer Jack Johnson for racially orientated criminal conviction – transporting a white woman across state lines.

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