7 Ways To Remain Sane During Volatile Periods - Kevin Myeroff-NCA Financial

Kevin Myeroff, CPA, CFP® Principal and Senior Strategic Advisor spoke to Bill about 7 ways to remain sane during these volatile periods.

Fear, confusion, and uncertainty are driving volatility in the markets. Last week was the first time since March of 2020 (beginning of pandemic) when clients started wondering if they should pull out of the markets. Doomsayers are on every channel, and they thrive in this environment. 

Sometimes the words of negativity  and fear, seem really smart compared to tried-and-true advice. So, peoples psychological state is easily manipulated in times like these.

Kevin's seven

  1. Are you an Investor or Trader
  2.  Take time to look at historical data.
  3.  Have a game plan.
  4. Continue to invest in 401k
  5. Understand your allocation
  6.  Take a look back at how far you have come.
  7. Limit watching the same 30 minutes of news all day.


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