Myles Garrett Spoke to the Media Today 1/7/22

On being named the recipient of the Cleveland chapter of the Pro Football Writers of America’s Joe Thomas Player of the Year Award as team MVP and co-recipient of the Dino Lucarelli Good Guy Award for professionalism and cooperation with media, along with G Joel Bitonio:

“I got the Good Guy award? Hey, I will take that. I heard about the player of the year award, and I definitely appreciate it. Still sore about how the season has panned out, but I still appreciate the honor very much. I know we still have one left, and I have to prove you all right.”

On if playing a full season this year is significant to him:

“Yeah because I knew I could always do it. It was not like it was something so difficult for me. I got suspended a couple of years back. I got COVID the year before. It seemed like a string of unfortunate events. Now, I feel like I am back on my game physically and mentally, and I am able to just do what I do.”

On new goals he has set for himself for the 2022 season:

“Take us to the Super Bowl. That is the one goal that means everything to me. Everything else can go by the wayside. Of course, individual honors are nice and something I can put up in my house and display for my family and for my kids one day, but that Super Bowl means everything, not only to me but to this team and to the city. That is who I play for and who we do it for.”

On how he is processing the Browns not making the playoffs this season:

“I am not processing it well, but it is there. It is going to be frustrating for about probably a week or maybe two. Then I will probably go somewhere nice, warm and tropical, and then I will come back and get my ass back to work because I do not want to have it happen again.”

On what went wrong that led to the team not making the playoffs this season and what the Browns organization needs to do so next season:

“That is a question you might have written down for (Head Coach) Kevin (Stefanski), and you did not expect me to come up first (laughter). I will let Kevin answer that one.”

On the Browns defense’s success over the past six or seven games and how the team can sustain that in 2022:

“I think we absolutely do it. We have a lot of young guys and a lot of new guys. That cohesion takes time, not only among players but between players and coaches. I think we are really trying to find what our strengths are, and through the year, we have gotten close to it and tapped into it a couple of times. I think by next year, we should have all of the kinks out, and we should really be rocking and rolling.”

On how much better he can be in the next few years:

“I do not know, but I am going to try and find out. I know I can keep on tapping into something else. I am just entering my prime so we will see what else I have in store.”

On if his groin injury will require surgery:

“Nothing at all. I will be OK.”

On the importance of the Browns defense being consistent with their effort and the impact it has on his game:

“I think I consistently give effort, but it is a difference in opinion right here.”

On his sack-fumble, fumble-return TD and being a disruptive player who can change the course of a game:

“I think I found it last year. I feel like everybody saw me coming this year when I was trying to take the ball away. It was kind of tough, but I have to find a way to do it in other phases of the game – in the run. I know they do not run at me often and try to run and test the edges. Just trying to when I get my opportunity to get my hat on the ball, try and strip it and try to get the ball to our offense.”

On his high regard for the Browns OL and where the unit ranks in the NFL:

“I feel they are one of the best. I think that will show very violently next year when we come back and we have full strength.”

On his development as more of a vocal leader of the team and seeming to become more comfortable being vocal since midseason:

“I think you hit the nail on the head right there with feeling comfortable with saying what is on my mind, speaking my peace and not being afraid to say what needs to be said, whether in the media or in private to my team or to my coaches. I feel like you do not need to hold back on the truth if it needs to be heard. If I need to do that next year, then I will do it. If we need somehow to get a kick in the ass or a jumpstart, I am going to be that guy.”

On if he worried about a potential setback this season, given high expectations for the team at the beginning of the year:

“No, that never went through my mind. I think the preparation was there. Once you prepare, there should not be a feeling of doubt or fear because you have put the time in and you have put the work in. It is unfortunate that it did not pan out like that for multiple reasons, but I think if you go back and find where we were weak at and find where we need to improve on offense, defense and special teams, I think we still have a lot of great talent on this team. We are just finding the best way to direct it and make it efficiently to move the ball down the field and take the ball away.”

On if he has made pitches to DE Jadeveon Clowney about returning to the Browns next season:

“A couple of times. I want him here. He had two sacks last game. He was disruptive. I feel like he is disruptive every time he is out there, especially when we are out there together and they can’t key in on just one of us. They guy is hitting his stride. I think he has a lot of football left, and he does know that.”

On how important it is to him to record another sack or two on Sunday:

“It would have been nice to get a sack in the last couple of games, but sometimes it just does not work out like that. Offenses will do their best to keep me from wrecking their game. Honestly, I just have to keep on pushing. You have to keep on trying to find a way. If they are going to orient their gameplan or their style to take me out of it, then I have to find another way to attack them. I have to adjust and adapt, as well. If it is not sacks, it is making my presence known on the field, and I have to find a way to be effective in the run. I have to chase down the other side. Sacks are nice, they look good and they set the offense back, but there are other plays in the game that are just as impactful as sacks but do not get the kind of notoriety as they do.”

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