Bell Ringer Shortage Impacts The Salvation Army's Red Kettles

Cleveland, OH - The Salvation Army classic Red Kettle campaign is about two weeks into raising funds for local communities and is already having some trouble. Due to worldwide staff shortages because of pay, work ethics and culture, and COVID-19, The Salvation Army is just one of the companies to suffer from this threat.

This year's campaign's theme is "Hope Marches On" and its goal is to raise over $600,000 that will support food pantries, basic needs, and hot meals in their five area corps community centers. However, this year they are nearly down a quarter due to staff shortages. In a press release statement, Major Thomas Applin, Divisional Secretary of Greater Cleveland Area Services, said, "two weeks into our annual campaign, we are 34% down in comparison to last year. We are grateful for those who contribute and ask Clevelanders to rally their support around our red kettles. The funds raised during this time are critical to providing year-round support to our neighbors when they need it most.”

You can find the red kettles in popular stores like Walmart, Giant Eagle, Discount Drug Mart and Dave's Market. The Salvation Army will accept Apple Pay and Google Pay at local kettle stands.

Since they are having shortages, they are seeking public volunteers. You can visit to select a date, time, and location that works best for your schedule.

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