"Cleveland Guardians" Name To Be Shared By Both MLB and Roller Derby Teams

(Cleveland) - There will be two organizations using the name Cleveland Guardians.

In a joint statement, the Major League Baseball team and the roller derby team said,

"The Cleveland Guardians Baseball Company, LLC and Guardians Roller Derby are pleased to announce an amicable resolution of the lawsuit filed by Guardians Roller Derby, whereby both organizations will continue to use the Guardians name."

There was no official word on terms of the settlement.

After the Cleveland Indians announced that they would change the team's name to the Cleveland Guardians, the roller derby team claimed that the MLB team offered them a "four figure" settlement to use the name, which the roller derby team rejected. After that, the roller derby team sued the MLB team.

The MLB team changed its name from Cleveland Indians after more than 100 years, mainly due to pressure from social justice organizations.

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