Grayton Road Tavern Queen of Hearts Jackpot Up To $2.5 Million

(Cleveland) - Remember a few years back, when the Queen of Hearts game at Grayton Road Tavern had a jackpot of $5.5 million? The bar and restaurant never stopped the game for more than a few weeks, and it's now on its fourth jackpot, which is up to $2.5 million for tonight's drawing.

Jimmy Page, owner of Grayton Road Tavern says he originally started the game to bry to attract customers. He was never expecting the jackpots to grow so large, all thanks to ticket sales.

Page's advice for businesses that want to do their own Queen of Hearts drawing is to make sure they can handle the money, and the drawings. Page actually sells tickets at other locations, and even the drawings are held at a bar n Parma.

The game consists of a board in which 54 playing cards, including two jokers, are taped to the board with their backs showing. If your ticket is drawn, you pick one of the turned over cards. If you pick the Queen of Hearts, you win the jackpot. Grayton Road has modified the game so that a few more tickets, for smaller prizes, are also drawn.

This week's drawing is tonight at 8:00 at Legends Sports Bar and Grill on Day Drive in Parma.

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