Shadow Inflation, What Is It? "Business Insider" Gregg Stebben Will Explain

"Business Insider" Gregg Stebben talks Shadow Inflation with Billl...There Is Shadow Inflation Taking Place All Around Us!! Some companies haven’t been raising prices. Instead, they’ve been cutting back customer services and conveniences, but how should that be measured?

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1. What is shadow inflation?

2. Why is this happening?

  * Labor shortages

  * Supply chain issues

  * Long term goal is to avoid large* price increases (but small price increases might be ok)

3. Will things ever go back to "normal"?

4. If I am an employee, how can I use "shadow inflation" to my benefit in my career?

5. If I am a manager or small business owner, how can I use "shadow inflation" to my benefit in my company?

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