Browns HC Kevin Stefanski Speaks With Media Ahead of Week One Matchup

On using waves of players on defense and if planning for 17 regular season games is a factor:

“That is just how we play. You have seen this system over the years is you do wave a bunch of guys on that D line to keep them fresh. That is why Coach Kiff (defensive line coach Chris Kiffin) and (assistant defensive line) Coach (Jeremy) Garrett work really hard with all of those guys, and we are going to count on all of those guys.”

On rotating players at LB and each LB having his own role:

“Yeah, I think that is true really of all of these positions. We have to carve out roles at a bunch of different spots.”

On LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah’s development thus far:

“He is doing a nice job. Obviously, you know he had that delay there in the beginning [of training camp], but he made sure to get all that he could out of all of those walkthroughs. Then he had that injury in the weight room, but he has overcome that, as well. He is doing a nice job. He is continuing to work.”

On the value Owusu-Koramoah provides in the ability to cover TEs and play in space:

“I would tell you, all of those linebackers, it is very important to be able to cover in this NFL game. Obviously, you mentioned Kansas City has some great tight ends that they have a bunch of different guys in the pass game. The ability to cover is a big deal.”

On how good it feels to have a full complement of players available heading into Week 1:

“That has been the plan all along is to make sure you are sharp and you are fresh. We had some guys working through some injuries and continue to do that, but that has kind of been the plan. Hopefully, guys continue to progress.”

On if there is a sense for WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s availability in Week 1:

“For all of the guys, I think we are going to use today and the next few days to see where everybody is and then ultimately make decisions on how this week goes.”

On if the Browns are expecting a higher reception total for TE Austin Hooper this year:

“I think we talked about it before, I do think his role can grow. He was very, very important to our success last season, and we are going to count on him in a variety of areas this year, as well.”

On LB Mack Wilson Sr. and WR Rashard Higgins having babies during the past six weeks and balancing football with personal matters:

“It is definitely something we talk about is we have to be so intentional about when we are away from this being of being with our family. You mentioned a couple of guys becoming dads for the first time and how important it is for them to be there and be present. We make a big point of it in this building, all of us when we are outside of this building, we have to make sure that we are where our feet are.”

On if it is easy for coaches or players to lose focus on family or other personal matters when amidst the grind of training camp and the preseason or regular season:

“Certainly, we spend a lot of hours here so we have some all-stars at home who are helping on that front. There is an amount of work that has to happen within these walls, but when you are not out here, you have to make sure that you are home.”

On WR Donovan Peoples-Jones producing throughout training camp and the preseason and Peoples-Jones’ development following the rookie season:

“Donovan has done a nice job going back to last season, as well. He has done everything that has been asked of him. He came back in really, really great shape. He spent some time with (QB) Baker (Mayfield) in the summer. That definitely showed in how he is playing.”

On Peoples-Jones being quiet and reserved in media interviews and if that is the case in the building:

“I would say he is not the most boisterous guy – we have some other guys who have that handled – but he comes out here and he works. He knows what to do out here all of the time and does his job. He really lets his performance, his play and how he practices do the talking.”

On if there is a competition this week at K between Ks Chase McLaughlin and Chris Naggar, who was recently added to the team’s practice squad, or if the team will go into Week 1 with McLaughlin in the position:

“We go into Game 1 with Chase for sure. It is a competition at every position throughout the season, but the plan was always to have two kickers on the roster.”

On the difference heading into Week 1 this year compared to last since there were no preseason games and a different preparation timeline, as well as continuity among Browns coaches and players:

“I would say things are very different. Obviously, we are all in a different place. Having a year under the belt for our coaches with our players, we hope provides and advantage, but there are a bunch of teams – including the one we are playing this week – where they have continuity, as well.”

On if the Browns are satisfied with how the team handled the NFL’s mandatory three days off for players this past weekend and return to prepare this week:

“Yeah, as far as I know, guys took care of what they needed to take care of and then got some good work in today. We are going to go back in and have some meetings and another walkthrough. It is a good workday for us.”

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