Downtown Cleveland Alliance Update With CEO Michael Deemer - 8-4-21

Michael Deemer, President & CEO from The Downtown Cleveland Alliance spoke to Scooter Reese about the DCA making the effort to get everyone out to vote. Plus, How the DCA continuing to welcome folks back to Downtown Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland residents have the unique opportunity to help determine the future of our region, city, and downtown. 

  • Working collectively to engage and educate residents on the process and encourage their active participation.
  •  DCA is working with the Downtown Cleveland Residents:
    • Informational flyers and registration forms have been distributed to every apartment building in Downtown Cleveland
    • Pop-up voter registration events are planned for the coming weeks. 

Yesterday, held the Special Election for Ohio’s Eleventh Congressional District

  • September 14th- Primary Election for Cleveland City Mayor and City Council
  • Registration Deadline- August 16th
    • Urging everyone who is not currently registered to please do so to make your vote count.

The leadership in the City will be one of the determining factors as we rebound from the pandemic along with the Welcome Back to Downtown Cleveland Campaign.

It’s still summertime in Downtown Cleveland, which means there’s a lot to do and many community events for individuals and families to take advantage of.

  • Community events still happening
    • Walnut Wednesdays
    • Warehouse Wednesdays
    • North Coast Namaste- Ship Shape Running in NCH
  • Playhouse Square- Choir Of Man- Until the end of August
  • Clean and Safe Ambassadors- as people continue to return Downtown, we want to remind everyone that our DCA Clean and Safe Ambassadors are a resource- If you see something, say something.
    • Please call 216-621-6000 for assistance
    • They are working hard seven days a week from 7am-12am

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