Reasons Why people Are NOT Rushing To Take Jobs

"Business Insider" Gregg Stebben spoke to Bill about There are probably lots of reasons why people are NOT rushing to take of them is "The Airbnb Effect."

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There are probably lots of reasons why people are NOT rushing to take jobs...

* Covid fears

* Covid-related childcare issues

* They have started their own businesses

* They are doing freelance or contract work instead

* They've figured out how to live on less money or one income instead of two. 

But maybe there's another reason people are not rushing to take jobs...and it's what I call "The Airbnb Effect."

For instance, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that thanks to a company called Swimply, which is like "Airbnb for backyard swimming pools"...

...people like Jim Battan in Portland are making as much as $100,000 a year renting out their backyard swimming pools by the hour. 

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