Traffic Camera Law Case To Be Heard By The Ohio Supreme Court

(Columbus) - The Ohio Supreme Court says it will hear the case of two suburbs that are suing the state over the laws governing the use of traffic cameras.

The village of Newburgh Heights, and the city of East Cleveland are suing the state because state law puts restrictions on the use of traffic cameras. The law requires the cases to he heard in court, rather than in an administrative setup, and the city or village has to pay court costs in advance. There's also a requirement for a police officer to be present when the cameras are running. Finally, the city or village's share of state local funding is cut, depending on the amount collected from the traffic cameras.

Newburgh Heights is well known for using the camera from a bridge over I-77. East Cleveland uses them on a variety of streets.

A date for their hearing has yet to be set.

(Photo by Joe Raedle, Getty Images)

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