Downtown Hotels And Restaurants Hiring, And Hiring Now

(Cleveland) - If you're looking for a job, and are looking for it immediately, there ar downtown restaurants and hotels that are hiring now to fill vacant slots before next week's NFL Draft, which will be in downtown Cleveland, and is expected to attract tens of thousands of people. It will be the biggest event downtown since the pandemic began.

A lot of hotels and restaurants laid off significant portions of their staffs when the pandemic began a year ago. Many of the people who held those jobs either went on to find other jobs, or may not know there are open jobs. That's why the Greater Cleveland Partnership and the Downtown Cleveland Alliance have created a web site with information about open positions downtown.

In most cases, these won't be temporary jobs. Downtown businesses say they expect business to build up in coming weeks and months, as workers return to downtown offices, and entertainment venues are getting up and running.

(Photo by Iroz Grizka, AFP/Getty Images)

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