Free Precinct Government Workshops Presented By Black On Black Crime

There are free Precinct Government Workshops every Saturday from 11 am to 12:30 pm at 15415 Kipling Avenue (off Ivanhoe). All are welcome. Precinct Government is no more than running your six institutions (church, government, business, clinic, home and school) within the confines of your Precinct and making these institutions work for your people, thus producing services that is derived from them producing services that is derived from them.

Most elected Precinct people believe that they were given their position to hustle votes for their councilman and mayors, etc. Nothing can be further from the truth. They were elected to represent the people in their Precinct, to educate them, to show them how services are acquired, interests are protected and health is maintained.

We, through the school of Rev. James Bevel, have come to learn that Precinct Government is the most powerful arm of government and that all levels of government come through the Precinct. He who amasses power must control his Precinct. As Black people, our Freedom is interrelated with us developing our Precincts.

Call Earnest Harris at 216-835-9704.

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