Legislature Overrides Veto Of Executive Authority Bill

(Columbus) - A blow for Governor Mike DeWine, as the Ohio House and Senate voted Wednesday to override the Governor's veto of Senate Bill 22, paving the way for it to become law.

Both the Ohio House and Senate voted with large enough majorities to nullify the Governor's veto of the bill, which limits the Governor's executive authority, and gives lawmakers the power to change, or revoke public health orders. Specifically, it gives the legislature the authority to cancel gubernatorial health orders after 30 days, requires the Governor to renew such orders every 60 days, and puts limits on local health officials when it comes to ordering people to be put in quarantine.

Senate Bill 22 will become law in June, unless there's a legal challenge. Ohio Senate President Matt Hufman says when the bill become law, they'll address any health issues still in force,.

This is the first veto to be overturned while DeWine has been Governor.

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